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Tuesday 8th March 2016 (International Women’s Day)

the urge to remember our dreams in the morning, the urge to do magic mushrooms after a long time, the urge to meditate, the urge to do that scary thing that we’ve been putting off…  where can this urge come from?

it’s the deepest & most ingenious part of the ego that recognises: ‘life is difficult, I’m going to leave some clues lying around for myself in the event that I get lost.’

‘I’m addictable, and inherently prefer pleasure for myself and pain for others over the reverse. life here is going to be intolerable unless I leave an alarm clock for myself to Wake Up. a natural one, like the birds’ singing.’

that urge to work on oneself and get better (not in the sense of “get better at football”, but the “I’m getting better” of someone recovering from an illness) is in EVERYONE. from the wall-street banker who turns down a line of cocaine to go home to his family, to the jazz musician practising his scales, to Noam Chomsky doing yet more research for yet another amazing book.

let me speak for men then, because it’s all dominic marshall has ever been, and because today is International Women’s Day.

we are Trying to change. deep down we know that we’ve made a horrible mess of things, and in most cases the change we’re capable of effecting is – well it’s hardly Martin Luther King or Gautama Buddha, let’s put it that way. but we’re trying.

and it will be a few generations (if we make it that far) before women are really given their due in this world – before we as men are really willing to admit how incredibly powerful women are. the simple reason for that is, you’re heart-breakers and you’re all that makes life worth living. that’s why we’re so busy pulling the most ridiculous stunts just to try & impress you. that’s who we are and it’s got really out of hand, but underneath, it’s All Love.

26th October 2015

there’s no such thing as a ‘law’ of nature. nature is a living organism, who’s going to impose laws upon it? oh yeah, us.
Rupert sheldrake_1
(from Rupert Sheldrake’s ‘The Science Delusion’)

13th October 2015

can’t recommend the Cowspiracy film enough. We’ve all eaten hamburgers, grilled cheese or scrambled egg without thinking about the environmental consequences or the treatment of the animals themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 13.06.25

5th October

Happy to share this piece I wrote for Reboot Blueprint about giving up porn called ‘Learning to use the self properly’.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.16.34

2nd October 2015

The ancient sacred sciences of the Hindus, such as Ayurveda and Yoga, are proving to be way ahead of their time.
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9th September 2015

The Amazon is being cut down at the rate of 16 football fields per minute. Donate to save it…
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19th August 2015
Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.49.06
world governments: commit to keeping 80% of fossil fuels in the ground in Paris this december. sign the 350.org petition

24th July 2015

my dad’s album

a game-changer for meditation, deep thought, altered consciousness and/or bedtime listening. still life cover

17th July 2015

The European Commission is being sold to Telecom, Chevron, HSBC, Nestlé and Shell right under our noses via the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership. If you haven’t signed the petition already, you know what to do. TTIP-lobby-imbalance-FB

7th July 2015

‘We worship at different altars, but our belief is the same.’ James Joyce Jamesjoyce

24th June 2015

Adam McLean on The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Very inspiring book and commentary.
Chemical wedding

22nd June 2015
When Western Europeans colonised most of Africa, the Americas, Australasia and (to a smaller extent) Asia, we never called that immigration, did we? Why is that? Because we murdered, enslaved, converted, raped; stole natural resources? The irony of first-world countries’ current crackdown on immigrants might be easier to laugh about if we weren’t currently experiencing the greatest asylum crisis since World War 2, with almost 60 million refugees worldwide. Just leaving people to drown (as around 1,800 have done in the Mediterranean so far this year) is not what ‘a viable solution’ looks like. Let’s protect people, not borders – sign this petition urging EU governments toward a humanitarian plan to provide safe and legal access to asylum for those fleeing conflict zones.

18th June 2015
In this Disney comic from 1951, Mickey Mouse goes to Africa to deal drugs. The people in ‘Bamboola’ seem tired to him and he see starts trying to push his narcotic ‘Peppo’ (which makes you hyperactive). He forcibly drugs the King and pretends that he can speak to animals to get rid of the ‘medicine man’ in the village. The Africans portrayed here are sleepy and gullible at best;  mercenary and/or violent at worst.

17th June 2015

a loving god doesn’t weigh your sins, but rather accepts responsibility for the whole spectrum of behaviour, from the sinful to the saintly.

10th June 2015
Alan Watts:
alan watts 2_1
is everyone sure this is the best way we could be living?

25th May 2015
Peter Martyr D’Anghera on the native islanders of Central America c.1492.

24th April 2015
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17th April 2015
UKIP’s ‘Britain is full’ rhetoric is pure xenophobic nonsense. 0.6% of the UK’s population owns 50% of its rural land. Stop looking outside of the country for the problem when we have Dukes, Earls, Counts and Baronesses (why do they still exist?) passing millions of acres down through their inheritances in some kind of twisted homage to our feudal past.
dukes and baronesses

13th April 2015
“The wise man counts nothing as his own.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

8th April 2015
Sign the petition
urging UK election candidates to commit to both keeping the NHS free at the point of use and ruling out NHS charges in their manifestos.

5th April 2015

It’s a real sign of the times and very much indicative of the BBC’s agenda that they select someone like Peter Hitchens to domineer ‘debates’ like this, to drum up anti-drug-addict sentiment as if addicts are the ones eating out society from the inside. Let’s get the average tax-payer riled up about drug abusers – a mostly beleaguered, impoverished minority – and shift the debate away from the Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS execs who are the real tumours of our societal cancer. I’m not saying the latter are evil people, but if we’re going to talk about the costs to the average tax-payer…

Viewing addiction as a crime rather than a disease doesn’t save anyone money! Since when are prisons and policing cheaper than counselling and abstinence-based rehabilitation? And what is it about a crack or heroin addiction (which is in a lot of cases an inevitability if you try either substance just once) that makes it a crime, when cigarette, alcohol, porn, sugar and video-game addictions are all but encouraged? No heroin or cocaine addicts existed before a few clever pharmaceutical scientists first synthesised them at the end of the 19th century.

Like a car accident or a life-changing disease, addiction can happen to anyone: it’s none other than a basic lack of human empathy that renders Peter Hitchens blind to the fact that no-one wants to become a drug addict. It’s a malaise and a mistake of our culture that we talk about addiction only in relation to substances, and not in relation to people and behaviours. If we taught children that sweets, television, shopping, warm showers and artificial flavourings are all potentially addictive, if we ourselves awakened to the intrinsic built-in addictions of religious consumerism, we’d be helping a lot more than the farcical “War on drugs” ever did.

1st April 2015



adj. Informal

1. Producing hallucinatory effects: mind-blowing drugs.


2. Intensely affecting the mind or emotions: a mind-blowing horror story.


29th March 2015

the world can be a scary place sometimes, but don’t worry!!!!!!! the US military is out there killing civilians, torturing Muslims and raping children for OUR safety. god bless them.


4th March 2015
Since Sept 11 2001, who has killed more Americans: the Iraqi military or the US police? Um, oh yeah, it’s the US Police actually.


20th January 2015

I know it’s tempting to martyrise when freedom of expression is involved – but pornographic cartoons of a religious figure can’t be our benchmark, can they? When we post “Je Suis Charlie”, we side with a magazine that staunchly supported the 2010 ban on French Muslim women wearing burqas, and has relied all too heavily for its entertainment value on provoking a beleaguered minority.

Muslims in France; where was their right to free speech when anti-war demonstrators were prevented from protesting through the streets of Paris by riot-police during the July atrocities committed against Palestinians in Gaza?

Charlie Hebdo has gone on to receive 1.2 million euros from the French government as a gesture for free speech, and just released the bestselling issue in its entire history. It goes without saying that the killings were savage and unjust and my heart goes out to the families of the victims, but using this coal to fuel one’s own agenda is flatly wrong – e.g. Marine Le Pen’s statements that France needs a death penalty and that “we are at war with fundamentalist Islam.”

The Saudi Arabian government (a monarchy ruled by a fundamentalist Muslim; close ally of NATO) beheaded more citizens than any other in 2014, and for such reasons as ‘incitement against the monarchy’ and/or ‘abandoning the Muslim faith.’ If you’re looking for a martyr for freedom of expression, how about Nabeel Rajab – a human rights activist in Bahrain (another Sunni monarchy, called one the “least democratic states in the world” by UK MPs; still one of the NATO’s close allies) who’s facing 3 years in jail for a twitter post?

Or, for that matter, Julian Assange, whom the British police have spent £6 million keeping under house-arrest for the past 2 and a half years for exposing NATO war crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan? Or Chelsea Manning, sentenced to 35 years in prison for the same thing? Edward Snowden maybe, who has received numerous death threats for exposing how government institutions like the NSA spy unlawfully on citizens all over the world?

Alayne Fleischmann, Ayman Mohyeldin, Tyrone Hayes, Mordechai Vanunu, Gary Webb; the list is long and getting longer. So why is it that we fight to preserve the right for bigoted cartoonists to make routinely Islamophobic publications, but when honest journalists and whistle-blowers risk their lives (and the lives of their families) to tell us painful truths about our own governments, banks, media channels and mega-corporations, they become marginalised from the whole of society? Depressing.

January 12, 2015

We modern rationalists, are we the first ever people to have completely lost trust in the soul and its reincarnation? Is it to pat ourselves on the back for our luxurious achievements in technology that we have stripped all meaning away from spiritual symbology?

Does anyone truly believe the story about mechanistic scientism, that tireless prophet who has finally put to bed all the mysteries, mysticism and missing-links of our experience? Or will our unilaterally intellectual hero of today become the ghost that haunts tomorrow’s museums, replacing key figures of that same spiritual symbology, like the Buddha, Christ; Muhammad?

Or, even more likely, will global warming and nuclear war – empiricism’s illegitimate children – bet against there even being museums tomorrow in the unholy casino of private economics?

And somewhere along the line, we went from being the sacred, animate children of the One to being empty statistics: submissive trade-chips to be gambled away by a handful of billionaires.

Fortunately, neither the soul nor its reincarnation requires our trust to keep us in its orbit – our world is nought but a dream, a passing fantasy, but it’s wise to pay attention.

November 17, 2014

In order to emanate love, you have to love yourself, thus allowing it to flow through you. Women seem to be better at this than men: they can appreciate the beauty of another woman, of femininity itself, and therefore know how to appreciate themselves. Men – at least in today’s society – don’t love other men. We don’t express love for each other and can’t accept other men’s qualities as beautiful, therefore we don’t love ourselves. Men are more likely to hate other men than to love them – isn’t that the basic underlying cause of war?

What of western society’s repulsion at the male form? Every single teenager has homoerotic feelings at one point or another. The difference is, women can accept it within themselves, and men simply can’t. I experienced this first hand when my dad came out as gay 15 years ago. Myself and my brother were both ostracised and harassed both verbally and physically, sometimes to the point of mental breakdown.

My point is that the imbalance toward masculine and away from feminine is destroying our species because men don’t love ourselves or each other anymore, and it’s rapidly getting worse. Even as recently as 60 years ago, men would kiss each other on the cheek and hold hands in the street – but the current DEMONISATION of male femininity has all but stamped these playful traits out of existence.

This repression affects women too. As men polarise more and more towards masculinity, how do we treat women? As objects to advertise commercial products, or even our own status in society; as submissive drones who need to be told what to think. “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. No, we’re the twin siblings of Mother Nature, Isis & Osiris. And if we don’t learn to relate to each other again, Mother Nature’s going to throw us out in to the cold.