“Spirit Speech is superb from start to finish” Tokyo Jazz notes


In order to emanate love, you have to love yourself, thus allowing it to flow through you. Women seem to be better at this than men: they can appreciate the beauty of another woman, of femininity itself, and therefore know how to appreciate themselves. Men – at least in today’s society – don’t love other men. We don’t express love for each other and can’t accept other men’s qualities as beautiful, therefore we don’t love ourselves. Men are more likely to hate other men than to love them – isn’t that the basic underlying cause of war?

What of western society’s repulsion at the male form? Every single teenager has homoerotic feelings at one point or another. The difference is, women can accept it within themselves, and men simply can’t. I experienced this first hand when my dad came out as gay 15 years ago. Myself and my brother were both ostracised and harassed both verbally and physically, sometimes to the point of mental breakdown.

My point is that the imbalance toward masculine and away from feminine is destroying our species because men don’t love ourselves or each other anymore, and it’s rapidly getting worse. Even as recently as 60 years ago, men would kiss each other on the cheek and hold hands in the street – but the current DEMONISATION of male femininity has all but stamped these playful traits out of existence.

This repression affects women too. As men polarise more and more towards masculinity, how do we treat women? As objects to advertise commercial products, or even our own status in society; as submissive drones who need to be told what to think. “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. No, we’re the twin siblings of Mother Nature, Isis & Osiris. And if we don’t learn to relate to each other again, Mother Nature’s going to throw us out in to the cold.
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we are happening tonight at 8:30
Future Inn hotel
Sam Vicary - bass
Sam Gardner -drums

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we living this cos it's deep in our bones
a tribe called quest with the hip-hop jones
so sit and analyse the lyrical spray
cos it all it really is is wordplay, wordplay
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gigs coming up in the UK

+FRI - Oct 24. <with Samadhi (Sam Gardner's quintet)> JATP@Glyde House, Bradford
+SAT - Oct 25 <with Samadhi> HEART centre, Leeds
+SUN - Oct 26 <with Samadhi> Splinter jazz@The Bridge, Newcastle
+TUE - Oct 28 <with Samadhi> Swindon jazz@Baker Street, Swindon
+WED - Oct 29 <with Samadhi> Jazz@The Lescar, Sheffield
+THU - Oct 30 <trio> Jazz@FutureInn, Bristol
+FRI - Oct 31 <trio> Friday Tonic@Southbank Centre, London (1 set from 17:30)
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upcoming gigs

  • 30
    Felixstowe, Suffolk, England
    The Fludyer Arms
  • 05
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    De Doelen
  • 04
    Café Miles
  • 08

foreground music “a highly engaging and highly listenable beat-tape” – Patient Sounds